Italian Boy Names (2024 Best, Unique, Suitable & Meaningful)

Nicknames Italian Boy Names (2024 Best, Unique, Suitable & Meaningful)
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The Italian boy names are searched by all the couples who are living in Italy and want to give a beautiful name to their new-born son.

So, here in this wonderful article, we have provided a beautiful collection of the latest Italian boy names which you can go through and choose a name which you like the most.

Best Italian Boy Names

  • Vito: Full of life
  • Nazario: From Nazareth
  • Franco: French man
  • Benito: The blessed one
  • Romano: Coming from Rome
  • Demonte: Living near the top of a mountain
  • Fabio: Bean farmer
  • Antonio: Worthy of admiration or praise
  • Marino: Rendered to Mars
  • Cornelio: Horn
  • Ottavio: Eighth
  • Aristide: Finest
  • Silvano: A man from the woods
  • Prospero: According to one’s wishes
  • Celso: Exalted one
  • Amedeo: God’s love
  • Salvatore: Savior
  • Lazzaro: My helper is God
  • Romolo: From Rome
  • Pasquale: Easter-related
  • Renato: Reborn
  • Colonel: A column
  • Lando: Unclear
  • Jenoah: Unclear
  • Amadeo: God’s love
  • Severino: Austere or grim
  • Tito: Honored
  • Cosimo: Courtesy, order
  • Silvestro: From the woods
  • Michelangelo: Michael, the angel
  • Lorenzo: City of laurels
  • Valerio: Powerful, strong
  • Durante: Steadfast
  • Armani: Longing for
  • Saverio: New home
  • Dino: Various
  • Vitale: Vital
  • Lucio: Light of the day
  • Adalberto: Aristocratic and bright
  • Ercole: Hera’s glory
  • Maurizio: A dark skinned person
  • Palmiro: Pilgrimage or religious expedition
  • Romeo: Coming to Rome
  • Santino: Saint
  • Faustino: Fortunate
  • Silvio: From the woods
  • Fausto: Fortunate
  • Renzo: City of laurels
  • Benedetto: The blessed one
  • Donatello: Donated
  • Biaggio: Stammering, stuttering
  • Flavio: Golden-haired
  • Marco: Rendered to Mars, warlike
  • Soren: Austere, severe or grim
  • Aurelio: Gilded or golden
  • Paolo: Tiny, petite
  • Tonio: Worthy of admiration or praise
  • Gaetano: From Gaeta
  • Porfirio: Purple
  • Ambrogio: Everlasting
  • Alfio: Fair skinned
  • Colombo: A dove
  • Marcello: Pledged to Mars
  • Sergio: One who serves, attendant
  • Domenico: Lord’s child
  • Cesare: Head full of hair
  • Geronimo: Holy name
  • Mauro: A dark skinned person
  • Emilio: Rival, challenger
  • Sebastiano: From Sebastos
  • Enzo: Ruler of the house
  • Ale: Defender of man
  • Severin: Austere or grim
  • Giambattista: John the Baptist
  • Danilo: The Lord is my judge
  • Ventura: Good luck or fortunate
  • Ricci: Crinkly or curly
  • Napoleon: From Naples
  • Placido: Calm or placid
  • Dante: Steadfast, faithful
  • Valentino: Hale and healthy
  • Eugenio: Of noble descent
  • Severo: Austere or grim
  • Fabrizio: Skilled worker
  • Luciano: Light of the day
  • Arsenio: Virile, potent, strong
  • Bonavento: Good fortune
  • Angelo: God’s messenger
  • Alessandro: Defender of men
  • Cristiano: Christian man
  • Nero: The strong one
  • Giuliano: Wearing a soft beard

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Italian Boy Names and Meaning

While naming the baby boy it should be kept in mind that the name should be meaningful and should have an instant impact on the mind of the people who listened to it.
The name should also be able to create positive vibes in the environment as soon as the boy arrives at the place.

Boy NamesMeaning
Nicolo People of victory
AbramoFather of multitudes
LeonardoLion & Bold
MontePointy hill
OrlandoFamous throughout the Land
LorenzoOf Laurentum
MarcelloYoung warrior
FrancoFree man
BrandoOne for all
MateoGift of God
AlonzoFeel Free
RobertoThe Freshmaker
ArturoGood To Know
OrlandoFirst Class
MaximoEveryone Want

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Unique Nicknames for Italian Boy

  • Salvatore
  • Luigi
  • Daniele
  • Paolo
  • Filippo
  • Leonardo
  • Angelo
  • Lorenzo
  • Alessio
  • Gabriel
  • Gioele
  • Michele
  • Giulio
  • Samuel
  • Elia
  • Antonio
  • Andrea
  • Giacomo
  • Thomas
  • Davide
  • Stefano
  • Tommaso
  • Luca
  • Daniel
  • Giorgio
  • Diego
  • Pietro
  • Francesco
  • Edoardo
  • Marco
  • Cristian
  • Simone
  • Mattia
  • Domenico
  • Vincenzo
  • Nicolo’
  • Federico
  • Giovanni
  • Raffaele
  • Christian
  • Jacopo
  • Giuseppe
  • Gabriele
  • Nicola
  • Riccardo
  • Manuel
  • Alessandro
  • Samuele
  • Emanuele
  • Matteo

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Pro Tips for Choosing Italian Boy Names

It should be kept in the mind by all the people that choosing the right baby boy’s name is very important as it will display your love and affection for him. Given below are some of the pro tips for choosing the right name for the baby boy:

  • Before choosing the baby boy’s name all the members of the family should consult with each other and then arrive at a name that is approved by all the people so that there are no issues in the future.
  • The name of the baby boy should be meaningful and should be understood by all people.
  • The spelling of the baby’s name should not be very complex as it will create problems in the future.
  • The name of the baby should reflect all the properties and characteristics of the family members.


The Italian boy’s names can be chosen by the family members as well as by the other relatives. The name that is chosen should reflect the qualities of the family members and as well as the strength and respect for each other.

The names which are provided in this article are handpicked by our experts and are some of the best names present in the world.

Feel free to mention your queries below in the comments section.

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