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There are a lot of different kingdom names out there. Some are pretty straightforward, like the Kingdom of England or the Kingdom of France. Others are a bit more creative, like the Kingdom of Aksum or the Kingdom of Macedon. And still others are downright strange, like the Kingdom of Goguryeo or the Kingdom of Kongo. No matter what kind of kingdom name you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on this list. We’ve gathered 2600+ of the best kingdom names from all over the world, so take your pick!

What’s in a name? When it comes to kingdoms, a lot! A kingdom’s name can tell you about its history, its culture, and even its future. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most interesting kingdom names out there. From ancient empires to modern-day nations, we’ll see how the name of a kingdom can say a lot about its people and its place in the world.

Kingdom Names

When it comes to naming a kingdom, there are many different options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular kingdom names:

  • Ubreoverus Kingdom
  • Zeagia Kingdom
  • Wouritus Dynasty
  • Nurenth Kingdom
  • Draiwen Empire
  • Theolia Dynasty
  • Shicuria Empire
  • Asheatha Kingdom
  • Shasteseon Empire
  • Sheabia Kingdom
  • Choprairian Dynasty
  • Rawyth Dynasty
  • Wrisian Empire
  • Enaizothage Kingdom
  • Aukrepiton Kingdom
  • Uvoppitus Kingdom
  • Kraxuris Empire
  • Titasal Kingdom
  • Kheqairid Dynasty
  • Aphuikkitia Kingdom
  • Wipouria Dynasty
  • Shozaecaea Kingdom
  • Noterra Empire
  • Khaebet Kingdom
  • Qeorin Dynasty
  • Ephapaicaea Empire
  • Prearene Kingdom
  • Oholaenada Dynasty
  • Yuitia Kingdom
  • Eavrithia Dynasty
  • Xethen Empire
  • Qentis Empire
  • Yoshuvalon Dynasty
  • Trolux Kingdom
  • Zivia Empire
  • Awrareadel Kingdom
  • Methia Empire
  • Bokintis Empire
  • Pukrirean Empire
  • Uzacan Empire
  • Chizar Kingdom
  • Yitia Kingdom
  • Ruinia Kingdom
  • Obreado Empire
  • Okrailan Kingdom

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Creative Kingdom Names

There are a lot of ways to come up with creative kingdom names. Here are some tips:

  • Yolorean Kingdom
  • Wruya Empire
  • Shairith Dynasty
  • Khouzophate Empire
  • Vouculia Empire
  • Uneonia Kingdom
  • Dralia Dynasty
  • Wavell Empire
  • Wreazidel Empire
  • Rekya Empire
  • Xakkaesta Dynasty
  • Capuba Kingdom
  • Auqapis Dynasty
  • Drurian Dynasty
  • Penyth Empire
  • Ruhan Empire
  • Phikya Kingdom
  • Slunada Kingdom
  • Auduisite Empire
  • Ahuizar Empire
  • Ereppiterra Dynasty
  • Bigaston Empire
  • Zupis Kingdom
  • Ehaetecaea Kingdom
  • Phelulux Kingdom
  • Nurean Empire
  • Etraetis Kingdom
  • Ustonnorus Dynasty
  • Oriseon Dynasty
  • Zonirid Dynasty
  • Zeolum Kingdom
  • Ocreggousea Kingdom
  • Auduslubet Kingdom
  • Kruzasite Empire
  • Zebutor Dynasty
  • Aquislanada Empire
  • Poppuneian Empire
  • Idageanad Dynasty
  • Qeyesha Empire
  • Drinealia Kingdom
  • Ceyonait Dynasty
  • Druikhivaria Kingdom
  • Delan Kingdom

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Medieval Kingdom Names

The Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of France, the Kingdom of England, and the Kingdom of Denmark are some examples of medieval kingdom names.

  • Kingdom of Reval
  • Mementos Dynasty
  • Suzdal Kingdom
  • Empire of Edessa
  • Ceraun Kingdom
  • Aevum Empire
  • Kingdom of Galilee
  • Exalos Kingdom
  • Empire of Orane
  • Benevento Kingdom
  • Ammar Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Aetas
  • Lazica Kingdom
  • Tummulus Kingdom
  • Neopatras Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Nyland
  • Cilicia Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Thera
  • Nanzan Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Cait
  • Salona Kingdom
  • Empire of Geulders
  • Tridentum Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Trebizond
  • Vitalis Kingdom
  • Navarre Dynasty

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Fairytale Kingdom Names

When it comes to naming your kingdom in a fairytale, there are no rules. You can choose any name that suits your fancy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Happy Kingdom
  • Princess In The Kingdom
  • Fairy Tale Kingdom
  • Tail of Two Princesses
  • Dreamy Fairytale Land
  • The Golden Axe Kingdom
  • Socotra Kingdom
  • The Cursed Kingdom
  • Enchanted Spell Kingdom
  • Goblin Kingdom
  • Garda Rum Kingdom
  • Old Witch Kingdom
  • Wicked Maiden Kingdom
  • Knight And Love Kingdom
  • Prince Vlad Kingdom
  • Crown Princess Kingdom
  • Giant King Castle
  • Elf Landia
  • Damsel Kingdom
  • Goodness Over Evil Kingdom
  • Cursed Wand Kingdom
  • Tales of Kingdoms
  • Kauai Kingdom
  • Forest Kiss Kingdom
  • Tiara Kingdom
  • Frog Castle Kingdom
  • Fairy Axe Kingdom
  • Serengeti Kingdom
  • Warpath Kingdom
  • Dragon Spell Magic Kingdom
  • Hero Villain Kingdom
  • Cappadocia Kingdom
  • Blue-Eyed Kingdom
  • Adventurous Ogre Kingdom
  • Tiara Land
  • Kingdom Of Youth
  • Paria Fairytale Land
  • Hero Cottage Kingdom
  • The Old Kingdom
  • Majestic Kingdom
  • Sonrisa Kingdom
  • Your Highness
  • Place Of War Kingdom
  • Crown Spell Kingdom
  • Sequoia Kingdom
  • Built For The Crown Kingdom
  • Princess Brioza Kingdom
  • Galapagos Kingdom
  • Giant Goblin Kingdom
  • Fairy Dwarves Kingdom
  • Chlorophyta Kingdom
  • Enchanted Crown Kingdom
  • Capri Kingdom
  • Evil Prince Kingdom
  • Princess Pod Kingdom
  • The Forbidden Kingdom
  • Wicked Maiden Kingdom
  • Folktale Princess Kingdom
  • Happiness Pot Kingdom
  • Magic Toad Kingdom
  • Your Majesty
  • Rainbow Dreams Kingdom
  • Heroine Spell Kingdom
  • Heroic Maiden Kingdom

Which one will you choose for your story?

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Cool Kingdom Names

There are so many cool kingdom names out there! Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Stylite Kingdom of Pillars
  • Sanctus Kingdom
  • Pother Kingdom
  • Veeral Dynasty
  • Lummox Kingdom
  • Zorro Dynasty
  • Hephaestus Kingdom
  • Razzia Kingdom
  • Maelstrom Kingdom
  • Maelstrom Kingdom
  • Zanskar Kingdom of Gold
  • Cornucopia Kingdom of Plants
  • Calliope Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Princesses
  • Syzygy Dynasty
  • The Ogdoad Dynasty
  • Serafina Kingdom
  • Yokel Powerful Kingdom
  • Medieval Dynasty
  • Beautiful Otalgia Kingdom
  • Smithereens Kingdom
  • Zoe Kingdom
  • Ziggurat Kingdom
  • Razzmatazz Kingdom
  • Cosmos Kingdom
  • Theola Kingdom
  • Sven Borgia Kingdom
  • Shensi Kingdom
  • Wrath of Zeus Dynasty
  • Omphalos Dynasty
  • Ziggurat Dynasty
  • Splenial Kingdom
  • Tchotchke Kingdom
  • Fistulas Kingdom
  • Quire Dynasty
  • Alcazar Majesty
  • Bailiwick Kingdom
  • Devontae Kingdom
  • Velleity Kingdom
  • Aquatopia Kingdom
  • Aksumite Kingdom
  • Demitasse Kingdom
  • Zeppelin Dynasty
  • Taniwha Dynasty
  • Xylem Kingdom
  • Yarborough Dynasty
  • Bulbous Dynasty
  • The Adagio Kingdom
  • Protophyta Dynasty
  • Rafiki Kingdom
  • Earwig Kingdom
  • Razzia Dynasty
  • Hertz Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Scar
  • Gobbledygook Dynasty
  • Ylem Kingdom
  • Fracas Dynasty
  • Taradiddle Kingdom
  • Switcheroo Dynasty
  • Netgoth Kingdom
  • Loughton Kingdom
  • Kingdom of Banzai
  • Wittol Kingdom
  • Antimacassar Kingdom
  • Your Royal Dynasty
  • Goddesses Dynasty
  • Kingdom of Zeus
  • Mufti Kingdom
  • The Kingdom of Taradiddle
  • Ulotrichous Kingdom of Goddesses
  • Umlaut Dynasty

Fantasy Kingdom Names

If you’re looking for some inspiration for naming your fantasy kingdom, look no further! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Fracas Wild Kingdom
  • Kaneria Kingdom
  • Hullabaloo Dynasty
  • Vivere Kingdom
  • Maestoso Kingdom
  • Steahan Kingdom
  • Le Monde Kingdom
  • Udrusite Kingdom
  • Elixir Kingdom
  • The Rumpus Dynasty
  • Mamouton Empire
  • Igocia Dynasty
  • Amnesties Kingdom
  • Paese Kingdom
  • Borrowdale Kingdom
  • Winklepicker Kingdom
  • Kinnikinic Kingdom
  • Forza Vento Kingdom
  • Lavera Dynasty
  • Leopenia Dynasty
  • Roaring Dynasty
  • Krurotopia Kingdom
  • Olupis Dynasty
  • Metter Kingdom
  • Grasmere Kingdom
  • Blue Knights Kingdom
  • Majestic Bloom Kingdom
  • Gente Sorella Kingdom
  • Saucier Kingdom
  • Beautiful Myth Kingdom
  • Hooligan Dynasty
  • Duvalon Dynasty
  • Impure Kingdom
  • Royaume Kingdom
  • Nubaetus Empire
  • Doohickey Kingdom
  • Peterman Kingdom
  • Idoryn Kingdom
  • Hisian Kingdom
  • Aiximidian Kingdom
  • Vroudian Dynasty
  • Settee Shilpa Kingdom
  • Red Glabella Dynasty
  • Roaring Kingdom
  • Fiore Terra Kingdom
  • The Mousterian Kingdom
  • Rein Ado Kingdom

How to Choose Kingdom Names? Pro Tips

There are many things to consider when choosing a name for your kingdom. The following are a few tips to help you choose the perfect name for your new kingdom:

1. Consider the type of kingdom you are creating: Is it a peaceful land or a war-torn land? Is it a land of magic or a land of science? The type of kingdom you have will help you narrow down some name choices.

2. Think about the people who will live in your kingdom: What kind of names do they have? What kind of names would they be likely to respond to?

3. Choose a name that is easy to pronounce and spell: You want people to be able to remember your kingdom’s name and be able to tell others about it without difficulty.

4. Avoid using made-up words or difficult-to-pronounce words in your kingdom’s name: While these types of names can be eye-catching, they can also be confusing and difficult for people to remember.

5. Make sure the meaning of your kingdom’s name is clear: You don’t want people to misinterpret your kingdom’s name and think it means something different than what you intended.

6. Test out your kingdom’s name with friends and family before making it official. See what they think of it and get feedback on how it sounds aloud and in writing.

By following these tips, you can choose a strong, meaningful, and easy-to-


In the end, it’s up to you to choose the perfect name for your kingdom. Whether you want something classic or unique, there are plenty of great options out there. We hope our list has given you some inspiration and that you find the perfect name for your kingdom!

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