2600+ Mtg Troll Names (Creative & Cool)

Nicknames 2600+ Mtg Troll Names (Creative & Cool)
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Are you looking to add some extra charm and personality to your Magic: The Gathering (MTG) gaming experience? One way to do this is by choosing a troll name for your MTG character. Troll names not only make your character stand out but also add an element of fun and fantasy to the game.

In this article, we will explore the world of MTG troll names, their importance, and provide you with tips to create unique and memorable names. So let’s dive right in!

Mtg Troll Names

  • khul
  • brongruc
  • budund
  • Diligent Merc
  • dungurg
  • tallshard Troll
  • forefury Trow
  • ghumuld
  • grudrurg
  • Vile Troll
  • bumguc
  • ghulgund
  • drul
  • Bony Castaway
  • Sea Assailant
  • mudshroud Wildcat
  • snakestride Hireling
  • tallsurge Brawler
  • braggund
  • talltrap Merc
  • thung
  • gurlurd
  • khrudvac
  • ghog
  • Greedy Scrapper
  • trugzad
  • grungul
  • Bitter Troll
  • Aged Brawler
  • zhuzlul
  • thuldulg
  • Grotesque Merc
  • rumzun
  • Limping Wildcat
  • druznurg
  • Confused Troll
  • drumlung
  • druvun
  • mosslance Brawler
  • duvnurg
  • trovurd
  • rud
  • blazebrow Wildling
  • bhumzuld
  • zold
  • grac
  • Juvenile Warrior
  • zag
  • Jaded Troll
  • Hedge Merc
  • cavebrow Fiend
  • dobbuld
  • zung
  • khrong

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Best Mtg Troll Names

  • dollulg
  • bhul
  • bavloc
  • rendmane Wildling
  • khrod
  • darurg
  • ruld
  • treebane Troll
  • dhultug
  • Noxious Wretch
  • khrund
  • thrungrard
  • mudbrew Degenerate
  • gun
  • Limping Aggressor
  • stonebend Troll
  • Diligent Wildling
  • dul
  • bhuc
  • rurg
  • cavehide Hireling
  • thurd
  • trumlurd
  • Corrupted
  • bron
  • Lost Troll
  • Charging Fiend
  • run
  • Harvester Assailant
  • palestride Troll
  • grundrund
  • drog
  • dumrug
  • duvnan
  • ghagvud
  • Cavern Troll
  • Clever Bully
  • Shameless Troll
  • farcrag Vagabond
  • Gloomy Shaman
  • thrurvuc
  • brug
  • saurshroud
  • keenbranch Troll
  • bhorg
  • grurd
  • brol
  • khuc
  • bradzung
  • Defiant Troll
  • bruvard
  • keenhide Troll
  • khrugzuld
  • grarg

Good Mtg Troll Names

  • ruc
  • bund
  • Haunting Brute
  • bhukvarg
  • gravelsnarl Exile
  • grumond
  • vudrond
  • tallbeam Troll
  • dhold
  • Bush Troll
  • thadund
  • palebeam Wildling
  • drod
  • dhuznung
  • orbmaw Troll
  • forgejaw Trow
  • gund
  • Shady Warrior
  • brulburd
  • grurg
  • brarurd
  • Elder Savage
  • dululd
  • thamdul
  • khultud
  • ran
  • dhurzul
  • doddurd
  • drulralg
  • guglarg
  • khuvuc
  • dhong
  • Greedy Troll
  • Lost Vagabond
  • dimscar Troll
  • Clumsy Brute
  • Reckless Assailant
  • zuc
  • hillforce Slugger
  • whitflare Trow
  • brul
  • zolg
  • zamgul
  • dungrurd
  • godrul
  • Marsh Brawler
  • Defiant Wretch
  • rulg
  • khulg
  • flinthorn Shaman
  • khumlund
  • brickbranch Troll
  • guc

Unique Mtg Troll Names

  • grimspine Wildcat
  • grulg
  • mournshroud Barbarian
  • buvun
  • vozung
  • dhurg
  • forgecrag Assailant
  • khuvnold
  • gruznard
  • ghulg
  • throblol
  • trundruc
  • grandbranch Warrior
  • khud
  • khurd
  • blazeforce Troll
  • Aggressive Troll
  • gloomsurge Bruiser
  • bugang
  • gudvud
  • khuldang
  • ragvung
  • foglance Troll
  • bonetrap Wildcat
  • mournshard Trow
  • grund
  • heavybranch Slugger
  • rugnurd
  • heavycrest Troll
  • foghide Brawler
  • thulrul
  • Rash Troll
  • pyrebelly Trow
  • val
  • vond
  • thrugvuld
  • Gloomy Wretch
  • ghangbun
  • dral
  • stonebreath Wretch
  • Clever Fiend
  • zumrun
  • mournblade Brute
  • vugvang
  • thumrud
  • caveclaw Troll
  • flaskflare Battler
  • drung
  • drun
  • khonvurd
  • Defiant Vagabond

Catchy Mtg Troll Names

  • ambergut Troll
  • vumzol
  • trollurd
  • gurg
  • gloomgrog Brute
  • zundud
  • grul
  • shadowbreath Trow
  • Cave Battler
  • Blind Brawler
  • stonespine Troll
  • dhungzuc
  • zug
  • Careless Shaman
  • thuglulg
  • rendbreath Bully
  • shadowstrike Wildling
  • vulg
  • brungzarg
  • khugvug
  • gloombough Bruiser
  • droc
  • gravelcrest Vagabond
  • vundurd
  • brulg
  • Meager Aggressor
  • dhug
  • brickbrew Trow
  • amberhowl Exile
  • brog
  • dhozdond
  • khungbuc
  • zog
  • palehide Troll
  • ashbrow Merc
  • stonefury Bully
  • cavebreath Assailant
  • bhobud
  • Eager Exile
  • thalg
  • trund
  • vurulg
  • khulrul
  • dung
  • gruld
  • sporeflaw Bully
  • druldund
  • Colossal Derelict
  • gravelbend Troll
  • trulg
  • bukvung

Tips for Creating Unique and Memorable Troll Names

When it comes to crafting your troll’s name, the possibilities are endless. Here are some tips to help you create a troll name that stands out and captivates the imagination:

Understanding the Character or Theme

Before diving into the naming process, take some time to understand your troll’s character, backstory, and the world they inhabit. Consider their physical attributes, personality traits, and the environment they come from. This understanding will provide valuable insights to inspire your naming choices.

Incorporating Wordplay and Alliteration

Wordplay and alliteration can make troll names more memorable and catchy. Experiment with rhymes, puns, or clever combinations of words to create a unique name that rolls off the tongue.

Using Descriptive Adjectives and Nouns

Descriptive adjectives and nouns can bring depth and meaning to your troll’s name. Incorporate words that capture their essence or highlight their defining characteristics. For example, “Grimmjaw the Merciless” or “Stoneheart the Indomitable.”

Drawing Inspiration from MTG Lore

MTG has a rich lore filled with captivating stories and mythical creatures. Dive into the vast lore of MTG and draw inspiration from legendary trolls or significant events within the game. This will not only make your troll name more immersive but also create a connection to the larger MTG universe.

Mixing Different Languages or Cultures

Add a touch of multicultural flair to your troll’s name by combining elements from different languages or cultures. This can create a unique and exotic name that reflects the diverse world of MTG. Just ensure that the combined elements make sense and are easily pronounceable.

Considering the Troll’s Personality Traits

Delve into your troll’s personality traits and align the name accordingly. If your troll is mischievous, consider a name that reflects their playful nature, like “Lorelei the Trickster.” For a more stoic and serious troll, a name like “Brutus the Unyielding” might be appropriate. Tailoring the name to their personality adds depth and authenticity to your character.


In the world of MTG, troll names serve as a gateway to imagination and immersion. By carefully selecting a unique and memorable troll name, you can breathe life into your MTG character, engage with fellow players, and create lasting memories. Remember to consider the character’s traits, incorporate wordplay and alliteration, draw inspiration from MTG lore, mix different languages or cultures, and experiment with sounds and phonetics. Let your creativity flow and unleash the full potential of your troll character in the world of MTG.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Q: Can I use troll names from other fantasy universes in MTG?
    • A: While it’s best to create original troll names for MTG, you can draw inspiration from other fantasy universes as long as it fits within the MTG gameplay.
  2. Q: Are there any restrictions on troll name lengths in MTG?
    • A: There are no strict restrictions on troll name lengths, but it’s advisable to keep them reasonably short and easily pronounceable for convenience.
  3. Q: Can I change my troll’s name later in the game?
    • A: Depending on the rules of your specific MTG gameplay, changing a troll’s name may or may not be allowed. Consult the game guidelines or your game master for clarification.
  4. Q: How can troll names enhance the overall MTG gaming experience?
    • A: Troll names add depth, immersion, and a sense of personalization to your MTG gameplay. They help you connect with your character, engage with other players, and create memorable moments within the game.
  5. Q: Can I use online name generators for creating troll names?
    • A: Online name generators can be a useful tool for brainstorming ideas, but it’s always recommended to put your own creative touch on the final troll name to make it unique and tailored to your character.